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Parquet Dance Floor Hire

Parquet Dance Floor Hire in Kent

Our parquet dance floor is a classic, it can be used anywhere and not look out of place, its been everywhere from church’s to castle’s it looks great, and more importantly at an affordable price!

Our parquet dance floor comes in 3ft x 3ft sections and are surrounded by a silver trim to ensure there are no trip hazards. Our dance floors usually start at 15ft x 15ft and we can go up to any size you require. When you book with us our staff will make sure that the dance floor is laid in plenty of time before your guests arrive. We can even liaise with your venue to install the dance floor ahead of time or during the evening turn around period.

We at Kent Dance Floors ensure we provide quality at every event we do, thanks to a fantastic team we make sure that all of our dance floors are cleaned and polished before every event to ensure they are looking their best.